OMG Paramore and No Doubt

Thank the Lord they put Paramore with No Doubt for this tour.  I was able to cross TWO things off my “wish list” in one night.  VERY cool show.  I would’ve gone if it were just one or the other, but BOTH made it all the sweeter last night.  All we expected and more….

My camera bites…

No time to focus…

Paramore was a great opener… Hayley Williams’ vocals were on point beautiful (as always:) and the guitarist did a flip while playing, mind you… All was very cool.  That band is nuts. 

No Doubt was kick-butt…

No Doubt Concert 280G

No Doubt Concert 275G

Gwen can’t be messed with… Awesome.  Her vocals were amazing (as always:) and she’s just Gwen, dudes… She floors me.


That reminds me, we’re still looking for a couple more musicians too, btw … so email at with info.  You don’t even have to be able to do a flip while playing either  😉