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Something came up recently that has come up in past conversations as well…so I thought I’d mention it here.  First, let me say that doing music is so fun, even when you’re not doing anything at all. (lol)  But, seriously though, while washing your car, whatever…there are songs running through your mind that you wrote with people, the laughs you’ve shared, etc… it stays with you as you go about doing other things.  It’s a real family atmosphere in some circles. Other tasks remain “cold” and just biz, which can be a lovely thing too.  Either side of the fence, you are working with people who have completely different viewpoints than yourself, sometimes on every single thing there is to have a viewpoint on.  I’ve always found this to be altogether lovely, really.  But, onlookers…not so much.  Comments have come from both sides at times.  With my roots being in gospel (isn’t every vocalists’?), I have had concerned people comment on some things.  (Really awesome, sweet people, not wackos)  And I have had mainstream artists and non religious folks (also really awesome, sweet people) comment on people/issues on the gospel side of things as well, like I’m somehow responsible for all of it. lol.

There is a point to this post, if I don’t let myself get off track.  Main point:  Please, please don’t hold me responsible for the choices, religious views, or the Art of someone else I happen to respect as a person and artist.  Hopefully, no one holds them responsible for my stuff either. (eek!) There are hardly any other topics in life (besides politics) that are more slippery, abstract and ever-changing.  We can’t hold each other responsible for that , in music.  My own lack of wisdom and lack of discretion is enough liability for a lifetime.  lol.  We’re all working this thing out.  And be careful of judging only by exterior, because it can mislead. (We’ve all done it)  There is something to be said for having boundaries up against a stream of ideals and circumstances that you don’t allow into your own life…But, I’m just talking about doing music with people, not pitching a tent in their living room.  In my experience, some artists who I suspected would be the least understanding of my views (if you can even  pinpoint what those are), have been the most supportive and always let me “do me” without any apologies.  And that is what we all should look for.  Then, there are those who go above and beyond and respect you by curbing a few things they know might make you cringe or hurt your feelings (while they’re around you)…Those people are so precious and worth more than gold.  Hang on to them.  That’s “upgraded” professionalism.  Not required, but very sweet.  Striving not to offend is a lost art, dudes.  And that goes for religious wacko-ness also.  If you KNOW something makes someone uncomfortable or offended, why wouldn’t you try to refrain while you colab?

* I used the word “religious” strategically, so please no emails telling me “It’s not about religion, but a personal relationship with Jesus, Allah, Buddha” or what have you.  It’s meant to include it all.

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