Happy Martin Luther King Day…

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Some encouragement for my loved ones.  Keep believing, keep encouraging each other, guys.  I’m astounded by, in the name of Ambition, how people cut down and try to diminish another’s efforts or dreams.  Especially Christians.  This ought not be.  If you attempt to make someone feel small, enjoy the feeling… because that feeling is all you are going to get, as you are signing up for a life of misery.  I just had to fill a friend of mine up with all kinds of scripture and positivity to remind her of her potential and greatness.  She’s a christian. The tearing down of her self perception came from a christian.  I’m not saying we should resent taking the time to lift someone up… I’m saying we shouldn’t have to do it as much as we do.  It shouldn’t happen.  It’s nuts to me.  Not that people of other religions and non-religious people don’t throw verbal daggers at each other, but I’m pretty sure christians are “supposed” to be operating on a different plane.

When we die, according to Christian belief, God will be much less concerned with whether our book was on the NY Times Bestseller’s list, than He is concerned with the times we tried to make someone feel small or overwhelmed. So I’m taking the time to let you know I love you all and to remind you to fill yourself up with positivity.  If there is someone around you who makes sideways attempts to tear you down….REMOVE them.  At the same time, while pursuing your dreams, remember [for your own spirit and sanity] that by subscribing to the typical earthly definition of success…you are contradicting your own said belief system.  By clinging only to that simple definition, you are unnecessarily overwhelming yourself.  And by holding others to it through shallow comparisons to make yourself feel better, you are making yourself look like a boob and creating your own destiny. 

Keep on pressing, and do it in happiness.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  We all have our own path set before us.  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  -Martin Luther King Jr.  

I usually don’t talk this mushy online, and it’s not as eloquent as the speeches of the man we celebrate today. But it’s my love note to you all.  Regardless of any religion…when it comes to ignoring or belittling the accomplishments of someone else… knock it off!  And if someone is doing it to you, ignore them and move on.

Oooh. Tiny p.s.  Someone just challenged me that if a person is being “disobedient” to God, we shouldn’t encourage them.  This is irrelevant to my post, because I’m talking about knocking someone’s self image…Endevoring to discourage them or make them feel insignificant.  There is no excuse for that.  And I suspect that in the church, slyfully cutting someone down wouldn’t get them on the “obedience” track you wish for them.  MANY have earthly success in “disobedience”, but, it has interesting catches… and the two most obedient people (according to scripture), to my knowledge, were beheaded and crucified.  But they were successful.  Again… An earthly definition of “success” or “blessing” will get us on a silly treadmill, and on a slippery slope of judging whether someone’s “success” is a reflection of their obedience or not.  Put your hand on your heart, folks.  Martin Luther King was obedient, and got shot for it.  But, he was, and is, a blessed man.