Jennifer Armour – Video

Here’s a visual to a song I wrote that encourages us to look at romantic emotions differently than the world “brainwashes” us to look at them.  Joy-filled, whole, healthy people who have direction, do not let emotions dictate their every action, especially in romance.  I have by no means mastered this, but, I strive to. 

The world embraces this concept of “resistance” training only in the realm of fitness, it seems.  Emotions don’t dictate a body-builder’s day when it comes to their gym-time, for example.  Their goals do.  Their agenda does.  So it can be with us.  We can apply this logic to other choices to be wise AND physically fit. 

– Jennifer Armour

Photography courtesy of Leonardo Moran Cahusac, FL.

Edited by Rj Gonzalez, TX