Do not attempt to adjust your screens

Greetings friends!!

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition!  I’m still getting questions about the choice to remove the full album from iTunes.  There’s more than one reason for it, contractually, and mostly streaming-wise, but, like I said… All of them are GOOD reasons.  I can’t wait to share more! Exclusive MEANS exclusive! This has been a wonderful and crazy year professionally, artistically, and personally.  I’m humbled by the interest… Even intensely being asked where my music is, causes me to get misty-eyed with gratefulness.  That’s why I absolutely adore this music side of my life, and the solo artist side, even after many times trying to forget it exists and throw myself into other arenas of hustle, lol.  I can’t seem to shake it. 🙂 Yes, some parts of pulling the album have been annoying.  But, ultimately, it’s the best choice.  I’m reestablishing ALL forms of my existence right now, and I’m so excited.

Until then, it’s not your imagination or a glitch that the Holiday Single is the only thing available for download from “Jennifer Armour” right now. 🙂 Once we’ve satisfied all the ‘non-compete-ish’ contract items with the studio album, other artists (which I take seriously), adjustments with streaming and releases, etc… You’ll see more!  The song “The Best Gift” is still found by clicking the image below: