Why LinkedIn is fabulous, but I don’t use it much


photo courtesy of forbes.com

Ok, the cat’s out of the bag. I consult on the side, for companies and people far more successful than myself. PR (response and conflict resolution), innovative Ad concepts/solutions and music production being the primary offerings. Why do I neglect my own endeavors? Well there are many reasons for this. Mostly because I’m a writer who happens to sing. I’m kind of like the manicurist at the nail salon, who’s nails on my own hands are short and natural, lol. Yet, I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many life-giving, successful, powerful, smart and encouraging people who are honestly pissed that I delay on my own creations. It certainly leads to more happiness and creative energy to have that support.

That being said, this will just be a quick, non-eloquent post about my reasons for not fully utilizing LinkedIn, because I’m sick of answering that question. I think it’s a great tool that’s helping a lot of professionals get connected. But, in our case, it’s mostly just announcing online, who we work with. Serious conflict of interests, since I operate behind the scenes. I tried to get into it, but, for me, it’s a time-suck. And young men seem to believe it’s a dating service 😒

My blurb/brief on LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/jenniferarmour1

Yes, I’ve been busy writing and cultivating great creative relationships, but I’ll probably always have one foot in the corporate world. It fascinates me and it’s a great outlet.

So if you do happen to be in need of a writer, need a song produced (I write/arrange and facilitate, matching you with stellar producers), or if you simply have a corporate Ad conflict that needs resolving (we shine in conflict resolution, response, and business to business relationship reconciliations as well). Feel free to contact me: songs(at)jenniferarmour(dot)com

In the meantime, fellow business professionals, know that you are loved. Sounds dramatic, but, really. Whoever is reading this is truly loved. Fight to stay positive. The music industry and corporate worlds are honestly ruthless jungles. They’ll rip your head off and crap down your neck if you allow it…and even if you don’t allow it. The more raw talent you have, the more tough it will be. Are you ready? It’s not for the weak, it’s not for the sensitive. It’s easy to believe Jennifer Aniston when she tells us they print ‘all lies’ about her, or actors who say they’re black-listed for speaking out on something taboo. But, do you have the self-esteem, as an unknown stock broker, musician, or business owner, to conceive that there are nameless people hired to hinder your efforts and put their “ear” to your office? I never give out concrete info, and never will. If you do, I know you haven’t paid your dues or worked with big dogs at all. This is common wisdom in the corporate world. If you’ve ever witnessed someone escorted out of a Fortune 500 company and instantly fired for ‘venting’ about that company to a passenger on an airplane (who wasn’t just a passenger), you’ll know it’s real. Those of us who’ve seen it, know.

You are capable of far more than you think you are. But, the first thing you need to do is get a back-bone and the self esteem enough to know your value, if you want to succeed. Humility is great, but, if you’re good at what you do, and really freaking good, I guarantee you are watched… And you cannot afford for that concept to be foreign to you.  If colleges have students “mock enroll” to observe the protocol of competing schools, what makes you think it’s not going on in the music industry or other realms? Well…it is. I don’t know why in hell God gifted me with an ability to see into things sometimes. I used to think it was a curse. But, it has transformed horrible occurances into the best things that have EVER happened to me. Additional schooling, if you will. And it’s helping people. So, there ya go.

So much for a quick post. That’s what passion does. My apologies.

Blessings, Jen