When Branding Issues Grow

One thing I’m¬†totally a¬†“broken-record” about with my peers,¬†is¬†their¬†awareness of their own value when it comes to branding, conceptualization,¬†or especially a¬†new product.¬† My only complaint with the¬†woefully humble entrepreneurs and creative personalities around me is how they diminish their own¬†capacity to attract hindrances, road-blocks or issues.¬†It’s¬†indeed a compliment to attract vultures… yet,¬†upright-thinking people¬†just see it¬†as “bad luck”.¬†They underestimate their own¬†importance.¬† ALL the time.

So what do I do, in keeping with the reputation of¬†most people who give quality advice, based on experience?¬† I don’t take it. I usually¬†ignore the very¬†advice that helps my entertainment buddies.¬† It’s the absolute worst, and most common trait that people who look out for their friends have.¬† Not taking the time to implement their own stuff, because they’re too “busy”.

So, the latest “blip” in my own radar, has been a number of people letting me know there is an actress named Jennifer Armour. Except, that’s not really her name.¬†It’s mine. And she’s not from Minneapolis.¬† I am.¬† And she didn’t do “voice-overs” for commercials, until recently.¬† Glad I could inspire her.¬†And I’m glad she’s a fan of my city!

I’ve actually known about this actress using my name for years, it just didn’t really bother me.¬† Now¬†it¬†is a tad bit¬†annoying to have people ask me if I regret doing that¬†cheesy¬†Horror Movie.

So, I’m handling it… A¬†few¬†people are, at least.¬† Until then, hold the emails ūüôā¬† Yes,¬†I know there’s an actress using my name, no she’s not from Minneapolis, and YES… I do commercials.