Was Mr. Robot … “hacked?”

I’m not the least bit qualified to write on this topic.  I don’t even watch much television at all.  I watch even less movies.  (I know, crazy… my friends hate me).  I ghostwrite informative “researchy” items for other sites and mags.  Music or biz related things… never reviews.  I wouldn’t be able to watch something with interest long enough to write a review. The musician A.D.D. is too strong, plus I’m still very strict about what goes into my eyeballs, brain and heart.

But, something was different about this show, for me.  I felt the premise to be strangely informative and sadly relevant.  The conspiracy theorist inside me wanted to give it a shot.  I was quickly sucked-in and seriously in love from the very first episode.  I certainly was not alone in my infatuation.  Well…I wasn’t alone in my infatuation with Season 1, to be specific.  I must be very specific, as we all must.  Because Season 2 is basically turning out to be a train-wreck.  But, not in a natural type of “train-wreck” way.  It’s almost like a prescribed disintegration of a once perfect and highly functional thing.  Almost like a virus destroying a brand new computer…Or a perfectly executed “hack”.  Hmmm. (Also possibly a simple tax write-off, for all my fellow-entertainment biz people).

So, last season, I was “crackhead-level” addicted.  I told my friends to leave me alone on Wed nights, ate way too many justified personal pizzas and drank a trillion sparkling waters, as I HAD to find out whether Elliot was just an expert hacker addicted to drugs, or indeed something deeper.  Well, I concluded it WAS much deeper.  Even much deeper than schizophrenia, which is the direction they’re going. And we’ll never get to find out how deep.  Because, they ruined it.  All the heart-pumping secrets, intricate hacking quests, corporate espionage mind-games, and world saving… reduced to mental illness. I won’t ramble… it’s too easy.  We already had “Beautiful Mind”, remember?  I’m bummed.

They could still surprise me, so I’ll keep watching. Oh, how I hope they redeem my perfect show from the bowels of hell. But, as of now, it’s spiraling downward so fast, it’s not going to be an easy watch.  The producer that they decided to give “full-control” to, is having way too much whimsical and foolish fun at this point.  I want to tell him “I don’t even care about your characters anymore, man!”  I used to love them. Now they bore me… And forget about the new ones they just added randomly. I couldn’t give a sh**.  It’s just a trail of such mass confusion that it no longer matters.  And it SO mattered in Season 1.

In conclusion… The conspiracy theorist inside me has decided that this show was perfection, and was “hacked” for some reason.  How ironic.

Sometimes it’s for business reasons.  We’ve all seen it…One product will be paid millions to yield to another product that will do much better.  One artist’s album launch will be thwarted, delayed, or sacrificed in agreement to give way to a different one. Happens ALL the time. For different reasons.  The business puppet-masters decide these things.

But, this was my show. (insert tears) The only one I had interest in, in a very long time… because the premise was JUST. TOO. GOOD.  Now it’s JUST. TOO. CONFUSING.  Perhaps, it was destroyed for being JUST. TOO. REAL.  The puppet-masters may have said “You want the truth?… You can’t handle the truth”.  Yanking our little Mr. Robot blankie away.  And we’re left to chalk-up some very ugly truths…to mental illness.  Again. Just like in real life.

Goodbye, Mr. Robot.  We loved what you could’ve been.